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FirstAnnounce ​The Plastic Problem (thanks to ​Jessica Montgomerie for the post)-​Have you been worrying about all the plastic in our community and wondering what to do about it? You can make a difference by participating in The Plastics Problem: A Call to Action on February [...]

Did You Make an IRA Gift?

FirstAnnounce ​Did You Make an IRA Gift? (thanks [...]

It’s Time For Our Third Little Free Library

FirstAnnounce ​It's Time For Our Third Little Free [...]

Pacific Western Regional Assembly

FirstAnnounce ​Pacific Western Regional Assembly ​The Pacific Western [...]

Meet the Board

FirstAnnounce ​Meet the Board (thanks to ​Mary Sullivan [...]

Join Circlecraft

FirstAnnounce ​Join Circlecraft (thanks to ​Erin Kenworthy for [...]

Help with Technology

FirstAnnounceHelp with Technology(thanks to Coral Cosway for the [...]

Eating for Good

FirstAnnounceEating for Good(thanks to Julie Meyers for the [...]