Giving in Action

Community Building

Twice each month our Sunday offering is donated to causes outside our four walls. Groups are selected by the Giving in Action Committee to best represent First Unitarian's commitment to put our Faith into Action in our community. We attempt to balance groups over the course of the year which work to address root causes of injustice as well as meet the immediate needs of the community.

Topics are drawn from an annual survey and in concert with congregational projects and Faith in Action justice circles. In the coming year, the group plans to maintain relationships with a number of existing partner groups, while still reaching out to new groups. All will be 501(c)3 charitable organizations. Below is a list of organizations to which First Unitarian has donated Since 2006. We encourage everyone to support these worthy causes.If you or someone you know are affiliated with an organization that may qualify to be a Giving in Action recipient you are encouraged to apply online.

Recipient Registration

Non-profit organizations, First Unitarian is considering new requests for Giving in Action Sunday plate collections. We are grateful for the essential work you do in our community and hope you can apply here. Be well and stay safe.

Recipient Feedback

Has your organisation received the offering during a recent Sunday Service? We'd love your feedback. 

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2023 Giving

Earth Links      2,584.41 
The Park People      1,199.39 
Grand Circle Foundation INC      3,279.19 
Urban Peak      1,771.12 
Reading Partners          648.31 
Western Regional Advocacy Project - HAND      1,154.13 
Cobalt Foundation      3,170.26 
3rdS-SAME Cafe          965.76 
Hunger Free Colorado      1,068.10 
Immigrant Pathways Colorado      1,281.76 
East Colfax Community Collective          341.64 
9 to 5          806.96 
Mirror Image Arts          907.32 
Clothes to Kids      1,308.38 
Music Bridge          690.54 
Elephant Circle      1,209.55 
Beach Court Elementary After School Arts      1,681.43 
Wildlands Restoration      1,021.46 
African Community Center      1,260.67 
350 Colorado dba Right Here, Right Now Fund      1,682.12 
Native American Housing Circle      1,980.47 
Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains      1,359.18 
Metro Caring      1,064.05