January 24 Worship Service: The Battle for Peace

January 24 Worship Service: The Battle for PeaceAs we continue our exploration of Peace, we reflect on a disturbing increase of unrest and violence, which hint at four years of conflict and tension to come. What does our Unitarian Universalist faith call us to do in times like these? Mateo Frisk joins us to explore

The Plastic Problem

FirstAnnounce The Plastic Problem(thanks to Jessica Montgomerie for the post)-Have you been worrying about all the plastic in our community and wondering what to do about it? You can make a difference by participating in The Plastics Problem: A Call to Action on February 4th at 7:00p.This event will include watching the recent landmark documentary,

Did You Make an IRA Gift?

FirstAnnounce Did You Make an IRA Gift?(thanks to Nancy Crow for the post)-Did you make a stock or IRA gift to First Unitarian?  If so, we’d like to thank you.  Transfers from brokerage accounts appear in the church’s account, usually without any donor information.  Please notify us of your stock or IRA gift today by

It’s Time For Our Third Little Free Library

FirstAnnounce It’s Time For Our Third Little Free Library(thanks to Pat Jonietz for the post)-Thank you! Thank you! The Social Justice Kids Little Free Library project has received the support of many in the congregation. You bought, found, and donated books. The libraries are thriving, and we have enough books to complete our commitment. Thanks

Pacific Western Regional Assembly

FirstAnnounce Pacific Western Regional AssemblyThe Pacific Western Regional Assembly is being held Saturday, February 13th with shared worship on Sunday, February 14th. The Mountain Desert District Annual Meeting will be held in conjunction with the PWR Regional Assembly, Saturday, February 13th at 10:30a to 12:00p MST. Register here! (Sneak peek – MDD will be recognized

January 17th Worship Service: MLK Today

January 17th Worship Service: MLK TodayWhat do the words and actions of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. mean today, including his more radical and less commonly-heard messages? How might his perspective speak to the issues we care about at First Unitarian, our Faith In Action projects, and the world around us? Make your offering at

Meet the Board

FirstAnnounce Meet the Board(thanks to Mary Sullivan for the post)-It’s a new year and there have been some shuffling of seats on your Board of Trustees.  It seems like a good time to introduce you to all of your Trustees and let you know that our work has not ceased during this pandemic period with

Show Up in Love

Show Up in Love“I’ve got peace like a river, I’ve got peace like a river, I’ve got peace like a river in my soul…” We have arrived surely into the year 2021.  It is here.  I’ve pinched myself just to be sure this is not a dream, even though recently, my sleeping dreams have been

Witnessing a Piece of Mike’s Mind…

Witnessing a Piece of Mike’s Mind…As I write, it is the day after a large group of white people briefly took over the Capitol building in Washington DC, where a joint session of congress was taking place. The seditionists were attempting to slow or stop certification of the presidential election that all reliable authorities had

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