Eating for Good

(thanks to Julie Meyers for the post)-We all know that restaurants are hurting.  Since we all like to eat, there’s a way we can help.  We’ve created a list of minority-owned restaurants with brief reviews by members of our congregation (thanks, Helen Berkman, for the idea!).  Please consider soliciting these restaurants (all have take-out options).  If we all participate, we may be able to keep some of them from going under!  If you have a favorite restaurant (or two or three), email Julie Meyers and she’ll add it to the list.  Just include the restaurant’s neighborhood and a 1-2 sentence review.  And for those doing the eating, let the restaurant’s owner know that you’re from FUSD.  They might appreciate knowing that there are people out there trying to help.  Keep checking the list in First Announce as we add new restaurants on a regular basis.  

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