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Colorful paint brushes laying on top of a piece of wood, highlighting the community's vibrant service.


​​CreativityCreate:  verb 1. To cause to exist; bring into being. 2. To give rise to; produce 3. To produce through artistic or imaginative effort Our Whole Souul Living theme for the month of April is Creativity.  Human beings create art but also community, love, hope, justice, war, violence, more….  We create when we work, cook, speak, clean, sing, make […]

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A group of people putting their hands together in a UU church circle.

Common Ground

​Common GroundCommon Ground is our Whole Souul Living Theme for March.  In a world that insistently divides and fragments the human community, a central proposition of our faith is that, There is a Unity that makes us One. Rev. Victoria Safford’s wrote; We are alone yet intricately bound, inextricably connected to soil and stream and forest, […]

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A small toy rabbit sitting in the dirt, symbolizes the principles of Justice and UU.


​Evil​This month we are considering Evil as our Whole Souul Living Theme. Obviously, we are not celebrating evil, but in the spirit of religious community, seeking healing and greater wholeness through a deeper understanding. Evil, so far as we know is not embodied in any kind of being called Satan, and certainly not, at least […]

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A man practicing yoga with a baby in his arms, showcasing the spiritual aspect of the practice.


PreparationPreparation is the Whole Souul Living Theme for November, a time-honored yet under-rated spiritual discipline. Preparation is the answer to the question, “How can I live a more authentic life?” Or, “What if I have to speak in front of hundreds of people?” Preparation focusses and clarifies both our skills, and our intentions. Consider this […]

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A person standing on top of a mountain, feeling the spiritual connection as they gaze at the stars.


TranscendanceTranscendence is the Whole Souul Living Theme for October, appropriate for this time of seasonal change. Undeniably, all of Life is a series of transformations, transcending what we were, later became, and into whatever we are currently becoming. Sometimes transcendence happens slowly over years; one day you realize that you barely remember the person you […]

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A man sitting on a hill with his dog at sunset, experiencing the Spiritual connection with nature and appreciating the beauty and tranquility it brings.


EconomyEconomy is our Whole Souul Living Theme for January, which probably needs just a little introduction. In a sense, everything has some economy to it because everything comes with trade-offs. E.B. White once wrote, “I wake each morning torn between two impulses: the impulse to savor the world, and the impulse to save it. It […]

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Two men sitting at a table, promoting community and justice in their neighborhood.


DivinityOur Whole Souul Living Theme for this month is Divinity. For traditional Christians, the word usually refers to the Christian God and/or Jesus. For Jews, divinity could apply to anything from the orthodox God of the Old Testament to the cosmic Ein Sof (without end) of Kabbahlistic teaching. For many Indigenous People, divinity could refer […]

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