Transcendence is the Whole Souul Living Theme for October, appropriate for this time of seasonal change. Undeniably, all of Life is a series of transformations, transcending what we were, later became, and into whatever we are currently becoming. Sometimes transcendence happens slowly over years; one day you realize that you barely remember the person you used to be. Other changes happen suddenly and uninvited as when tragedy, loss, illness, or other event pushes us outside normal boundaries. Many of us actually and actively seek transcendence and transformation with varying degrees of intensity. One thing is for sure; if you are reading this, your journey is not over!

Some questions for our individual and communal reflection:
Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: “We must be careful what we worship, for what we worship we are surely becoming.” What are you worshipping in your life right now? That is, what are you becoming?
What in your life, your spirit, your being, would you like to transcend? Grow out of?
What in your life, your spirit, your being, would you like to grow into?
Relate a moment in your life when you realized that things would never be the same. Was there sorrow attached to that moment? Joy? Wonder? Something else?
What do you hope for after you transcend this life? Is this different from what you actually believe will happen?

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