​This month we are considering Evil as our Whole Souul Living Theme. Obviously, we are not celebrating evil, but in the spirit of religious community, seeking healing and greater wholeness through a deeper understanding. Evil, so far as we know is not embodied in any kind of being called Satan, and certainly not, at least conclusively, in any historical figures like Stalin, Hitler, or Sadaam Hussein. The Anti-Christ, if he (or she) is coming, has not yet made any significant, self-defining gestures except perhaps for a generalized, inarticulate feeling of uneasiness here at the beginning of the third millennium. We will consider evil from several perspectives this month, and invite you to explore and share with each other the following questions for reflection.

Focus Questions:
•    What is Evil? (Try to construct a working definition.)
•    Does evil have reality independent of specific events? In other words, is there such a thing as evil in and of itself? Or, are there only instances of human behavior that are evil?
•    What personal experience(s) have you had with evil?
•    Were you surprised? Angry? Bewildered? How were you changed from that experience?
•    Can you imagine yourself doing something that someone else would consider evil?
•    Is there an antidote for evil? In other words, can human evil ever be overcome?

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