Economy is our Whole Souul Living Theme for January, which probably needs just a little introduction. In a sense, everything has some economy to it because everything comes with trade-offs. E.B. White once wrote, “I wake each morning torn between two impulses: the impulse to savor the world, and the impulse to save it. It makes it hard to plan the day...”

Consider this definition of economy: “The correct and effective use of available resources,” which is the heart of the issue. In every moment, Life provides us with exactly two limited quantities to spend: our Time, and our Energy. These will eventually be spent no matter what we do, and we can’t do everything. Every decision, every investment of time or energy has costs, benefits, consequences, and a certain risk. It is in this sense that economy becomes a spiritual question for every human being and for every community.

The following reflection questions are for our individual and collective exploration.

What commands and receives your best time, your best energy?
What are you spending and being spent for?
What are your hopes, goals, and purposes in life? What will you or do you exchange for them?
List (at least) five authentic sources of self-worth. What do they cost?
Expand the above questions, applying them to your religious community. For example; what commands and received the best time and energy of your church? What is your church spending and being spent for?

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