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A statue of liberty is standing on top of a spiritual day.

A Historic Piece of Mike’s Mind…

A Historic Piece of Mike’s Mind…As I write these words, we still don’t know the outcome of the presidential election, and it’s likely that all of us are sick to death of politics.  If that’s you, I apologize.  I’m still thinking a lot about democracy right now, because I think what passes for ours is […]

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A girl is holding a red balloon in front of a concrete wall, adding a spiritual touch to the scene.

Electing a Piece of Mike’s Mind…

Electing a Piece of Mike’s Mind…Predictably, anxiety around the coming election is high!  Stress, worry, fear, hope, anger, exhaustion, determination, and feelings I don’t even have words for are all present.  Everyone, literally everyone, I’ve spoken with recently is feeling the weight of this election, its importance, and potential consequences.            We’ve been here before.  We […]

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A group of people holding hands together, forming a strong sense of community on a wooden table.

A Cultural Activist Piece of Mike’s Mind…

A Cultural Activist Piece of Mike’s Mind…By request, my column this month is a portion of the sermon from July 12th on white supremacy culture.“…When we say white supremacy culture, we are referring to the common cultural assumptions, cultural expectations, cultural associations…, the hundreds of unspoken, unwritten, but intimately familiar ways that culturally exclude, punish, […]

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A row of colored pencils on a white surface represents the spirit of justice.

Seven or Eight Pieces of Mike’s Mind…

​Seven or Eight Pieces of Mike’s Mind…Statements are in the air.  Organizations, companies, denominations, unions, and more are putting out statements about where they stand on matters of racial justice, Black Lives Matter, police brutality, and civil protest.  It’s good to see.Perhaps the core statement of our faith tradition is our covenant, known as the […]

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A woman holding up a sign that says justice for a better world is possible.

A Piece of Mike’s Mind…

​A Piece of Mike’s ​Mind…  This report comes in the middle of an international pandemic, and for the first time that I am aware of, no services or gatherings have been held at First Unitarian Denver for two consecutive months.  Like so many organizations and communities, we are in a time of adaptation and even […]

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A Piece of Mike’s (re)Open Mind…

​A Piece of Mike’s (re)Open Mind…  Several people have asked recently about when the church will reopen.  While I haven’t consulted with the Board about this specifically, and no one is in a position to predict the future, I think the answer is sometime safely after the self-quarantine rule has been lifted.  Although, I suspect it […]

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A Piece of Mike’s Mind… Socially Distanced

A Piece of Mike’s Mind…  ​Socially DistancedWithout a doubt, direct communication is what I miss most in this quarantined world.  I’m becoming adept at Zoom and other online communication platforms, but if I’m honest, there is an essential element missing from those interactions and I don’t much like them.  Probably, this just shows my age. I’m […]

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A Piece of Mike Mind

A Piece of Mike MindIn this month when our Whole SoUUl Living Theme is Spiritual Practices, I am thinking about reciprocity, the counter-cultural discipline of mutual relationships, understanding where things come from and what makes for right relationships among people and the Earth.  More specifically, I’m thinking of reciprocity in the context of the news […]

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