Electing a Piece of Mike’s Mind…

Predictably, anxiety around the coming election is high!  Stress, worry, fear, hope, anger, exhaustion, determination, and feelings I don’t even have words for are all present.  Everyone, literally everyone, I’ve spoken with recently is feeling the weight of this election, its importance, and potential consequences.           

We’ve been here before.  We will be here again.  I am reminded of some advice written by Rev. Jack Taylor at the beginning of the first Gulf War in 1991, and it’s worth quoting again.  (I’ve taken the liberty of changing the word war into the word election.)


LIMIT YOUR EXPOSURE. We need to know, but we don't need to know everything immediately. It is essential to decide how much time we will give to the election.

REMEMBER THAT ALL WHO NEEDED US BEFORE ELECTION SEASON STILL NEED US. It may be that they will now need our concern and love more than ever.

WILLINGLY ACKNOWLEDGE THAT OUR OPINIONS MAY BE WRONG EVEN AS WE BELIEVE THEY ARE TRUTH. Others who are just as bright, just as ethically concerned, and just as suffering, often will not share our deeply held convictions.

DO NOT BROOD ON MISTAKES AND FAILURES. It is important to remember where errors have been made, but the present is all-important now.

DO NOT PREDICT. Being optimistic can lead to crashing disappointments; being pessimistic can cause us to suffer needlessly.

HUSBAND YOUR ENERGIES. Hatred will destroy our arguments and twist our personalities into something ugly. Anger has value only if rarely and precisely used. Sorrow is universally respected, but will render us useless if not broken by regular happiness.

PRAY FOR PEACE. This is not a call for divine intervention (if such were possible, elections would have ended millennia ago), rather "pay attention" to that which makes for a peaceful world. We need to envision such a time and know our place in it.  This election will have enough victims. Let us be sure that we do not become additional ones by our actions and attitudes.

Remember: LIFE GOES ON!

The only thing I might add to this list is: STAY CONNECTED!  Reach out for the support you need.  Share your thoughts, feelings, hopes, and fears.  Listen to the thoughts, feelings, hopes and fears of others.  We NEED each other to say sane and get through this.

Wishing you all the love and support you can stand,

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