FirstAnnounce – December 3, 2023

Sunday Worship, December 3rd

at 10:30 am

The Latest Christain Crisis

Rev. Mike Morran

Please join us on Sunday, December 3rd at 10:30 am for our service titled ‘The Latest Christian Crisis’ with Rev. Mike Morran. Christianity has faced, and somehow survived, many crisis over the past two thousand years. Here in the modern, post Moral Majority, post Reagan, post 9/11, post pandemic, and the current strange overlap between Christianity and current Republican politics, Christianity is again in crisis. We will consider some history, the details of this crisis, and wonder about the future.

We extend a warm invitation to you to join us in person, or if you prefer, you can also participate online.

Our service streams to Youtube and Zoom (meeting ID is 466-677-668 and the password is 454623).

Join us for coffee in the Community Room after the service.

Giving in Action – Lutheran Family Services

(Thanks to Lynn Garman for the post)

Our Giving in Action collection this week supports Lutheran Family Services of the Rocky Mountains. They serve vulnerable populations throughout Colorado with a commitment to the values of kindness, dignity, and social justice. Services include support for refugees and asylees seeking safety and security, counseling for unplanned pregnancies and forever homes for children, support for foster youth who need advocacy and support as they grow toward adulthood and care for older adults through their Senior Guardianship program. Nearly three quarters of their budget is directed towards helping refugees and asylees find permanent housing and employment. They support people of all faiths.

Whole SoUUl Studio This Sunday!

(Thanks to Mike Morran for the post)

Whole SoUUl Studio is a monthly, faithful, educational, communal gathering with a focus on religion and community. We will gather in the sanctuary at 12:00 on December 3rd to learn, explore, share, and grow together for about 45 minutes. Facilitated by Rev. Mike, this month we will contemplate Authenticity, which is Miriam-Webster’s Word-of-the-Year! Whole SoUUl Studio is intended to be connective for all our members and friends!

Finding Yourself at First Unitarian Denver! – Rescheduled

(Thanks to Mike Morran for the post)

A time for seekers, the curious, and those wishing to connect with the 1st Unitarian Denver community, this participatory class of three hours will provide an introduction to Unitarian Universalism and First Unitarian Church. Facilitated by Rev. Mike Morran, we will meet on Saturday, December 2nd, from 9:00 a.m. to noon. All are welcome, but you must pre-register with Rev. Mike (

Give the Best Gift!

(Thanks to Nan Wigington for the post)

Miriam’s Book Table is having a buy-one, get-one sale on picture books this Sunday only (12/3)! Stock up for your favorite child, grandchild, or neighbor. The table has also acquired copies of Small Things Like These, a Christmas tale of the good one man can do and of the evil a complicit community can perpetrate. Get a copy while you can.

Rev. Mike’s November Blog

Amid the heartbreaking events unfolding in the world today, in Rev. Mike Morran’s latest vlog, he shares the five things everyone needs to hear every now and then. Listen as he shares these uplifting messages that provide a source of inspiration and reflection during challenging times. Click here to watch.


Searching for Assistant Treasurer

First Unitarian is on the lookout for a volunteer Assistant Treasurer to begin training with our very own Sally Isaacson. Sally has been doing an incredible job as the Assistant Treasurer for almost four years now. For more details about this role, swing by the Opportunities Table! If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you! You can also contact Janet Kennedy or Kate Raabe for more information. To view the job description click here.

Lunch Bunch – Friday, December 8th

Everyone is invited for our monthly potluck, Lunch Bunch, on the second Friday of the month. This month we will meet on Friday, December 8th. We gather around 11:45 a.m. to set up, and we generally ring the lunch bell at 12. If you don’t have more than an hour, just come at noon and join us. The food is always delicious, and the company is stimulating.

Middle East Discussion Group – Next Meeting

(Thanks to Arne Carter for the post)

The middle east discussion group will meet next at 9:30 am before the service ton Sunday, December 10th, upstairs in the Chapel.

December TUUrnout! At First Unitarian Denver

(Thanks to Rev. Mike Morran for the post)

Keep your eye out for a monthly flyer with 1st Unitarian activities listed (see below). This is an effort to include everyone in the ministry of welcoming. The idea is that every month, everyone, and every visitor, gets personally invited to something. Find a flyer, find a fellow human at 1st Unitarian Denver, and invite them to go! Especially, invite them to go with you!

The Community is invited to a music-filled, contemplative service on December 14th at 6:00 pm. Blue Christmas is for everyone, though especially for those whose memories or experience of the holidays has been incongruous with the typical, superficial expectations of the season.

Join us for Solstice Eve!

(Thanks to Lia Davis for the post)

Gather with the First Unitarian Denver community on Wednesday, December 20th for Solstice Eve! Everyone is warmly invited to this free community event, which includes a potluck dinner and crafts at 5:30 (EVERYONE is welcome even if unable to bring an item to the potluck), lively carol singing with a jazz band at 6:30 in the sanctuary, and a light spiral ritual with live music at 7:30 in the upstairs chapel. Please RSVP by December 18. We hope to see you there!

Support the Ballot Initiative to Phase Out Fracking

(Thanks to Stephanie Walton for the post)

The Safe and Healthy Colorado coalition is working on a ballot initiative for November 2024 that would phase out fracking permits by 2030. The First Unitarian Climate Justice Project has already endorsed tha ballot initiative. The coalition needs pledges of $1.5 million BY DECEMBER 1 so they can begin collecting signatures to make sure the initiative gets onto the ballot. If you are able, please click here to pledge your support. They will not ask you to fulfill the pledge until they get the full amount pledged.

Also, please spread the word. You can endorse the ballot initiative here. Share with your friend! Stay tuned for more updates.

Kidney Dialysis Information

(Thanks to Chris Schwab for the post)

Specifically this concerns kidney dialysis, a field of medicine that has had the highest mortality rate in the industrialized world – all for outrageous prices! But it is about so much more! It is about a fight that has been going on since the gilded age and the robber barons – the struggle against concentrated corporate power! After this Sunday’s service, you can help by signing up for the M.I. Mother’s Keeper email list at the back of the church – and there is a Walk planned after the service at 2pm.

Craft Circle at First Unitarian – Dec.13th, 7-8:30p

(Thanks to Julie Meyers for the post)

We are starting a Craft Circle at First Unitarian! All are invited to drop in anytime to craft and chat. Beginners welcome – I’m happy to teach you how to knit. We’ll be meeting in the Community Room the 3rd Wednesday of the month during the day from 3:00-4:30 and the 2nd Wednesday of the month in the evening from 7pm-8:30 starting in December (December 13). No RSVP needed. Please contact Julie Meyers for questions.

Racial Justice Project – Book Reading/Discussion

(Thanks to Steve Brainerd for the post)

We will offer a book reading and study sessions this Spring, using Daniel Black’s Black on Black — an intersectional, Black/queer perspective on racial issues. The discussions will be held on the 4th Wednesday of the month, at 7:00, via Zoom: February 28 (Intro – p. 88); March 27 (pp. 89 – 158); and April 24 (pp. 159 – End). Participants must register in advance, beginning in January. The Racial Justice Project will make 6 copies of the book available at a discounted rate at Miriam’s Book Table.

Wild Earth Ensemble Concert – Friday, Dec. 1 at 7 pm

(Thanks to Lia Davis for the post)

If you enjoyed Sandra Wong’s performance at First Unitarian Denver on November 5th, you’ll enjoy hearing her perform with Wild Earth Ensemble. This concert is Friday, December 1rst at 7 pm at the Althea Center. Join Sandra Wong, Beth Quist, Andy Skellenger and Victor Mestas for a joyous, soulful journey around the globe, featuring music of Turkey, Ireland, Venezuela, Appalachia, Scandinavia, the Middle East, and a number of original tunes. Their exquisite instrumentation includes voice, violin, nyckelharpa, hammered dulcimer, tabla, cajon, kora, keyboards and piano. Tickets and information here.

From First Universalist – Indian Land Tenure Foundation

(Thanks to Holly Fulton, First Universalist, for the post)

Friday, December 2st at 7:00 pm

First Universalist Church of Denver

4101 East Hampden Ave., Denver, CO 80222

First Universalist’s Racial Justice Task Force (RJTF) is hosting Cris

Stainbrook, president of the Indian Land Tenure Foundation on

December 1st to present on the work of the Indian Land Tenure


“Chris is Oglala Lakota and President of ILTF since its inception in

2002. He will give a brief history of the taking and loss of Indian lands

which continues today. He will discuss the work of the Foundation in

stemming these losses and regaining Native ownership, management,

and control of 90 million acres of reservation land and sacred sites

throughout the United States.”

Social Justice Film Series – First Universalist

(Thanks to Dan Moen, First Universalist, for the post)

Fracking the System at First Universalist. Friday, December 8th, at 6:30 pm.

Come watch the “Work in Progress” screening of Fracking the System at First Universalist. A documentary of climate justice activism here in Colorado exposing the harms of fracking, the lengths to which the government is complacent with industrial pollution, and the nefarious tactics of the oil and gas industry. Join us, the producer/director of the film, and representatives of 350Colorado and Safe & Healthy Colorado as we view the film and talk about a proposed ballot initiative in Colorado to phase out of fracking.



White Antiracist Spirituality – Online Class

In January, I’ll be hosting a workshop series on White Antiracist Spirituality in U.S. History, which will include powerful examples of UU spirituality in action. It’s a great opportunity for congregants on the White antiracist path to start the New Year with grounding and inspiration! For more information or to register, click here.

Lynn Burnett

Creator of The White Antiracist Ancestry Project


Finding a place to park when you come to visit our urban sanctuary can be a bit of a challenge! We recommend the following tactics/locations:

  • Sundays 6a-1p: 3 blocks of the north side of 14th Avenue (Marion St. to just before Franklin St. – please abide by the street parking signs)
  • Sundays 6a-1p: The Center at Colfax and Lafayette
  • Sundays 6a-1p: (42 parking spaces) The Alta Court lot, across Lafayette from the church. Cars with a First Unitarian Church (FUSD) hangtag or paper parking pass on the dashboard, may park in the spaces farthest away from Colfax.
  • If you have any questions or need a parking pass, contact Rhonda at Parking passes can also be obtained from the Greeters on Sunday morning.


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