Family Promise – Volunteer Thank You!

Thank you to the over 40 volunteers who supported Family Promise last week during our spring rotation. We were able to provide shelter and food support for 15 people from 3 families experiencing homelessness, filling all available beds but one. All 3 families personally and individually expressed gratitude for our support. Mark your calendar for our next rotation scheduled for December 1-8!

Here are some heartwarming testimonials from those we’ve had the privilege to serve:

  • One of our family mothers teared up when seeing the room we set up for her family. She was overwhelmed with gratitude to have a private room with a door. She later told me that it had been many, many months since her family had a room to themselves, and she couldn’t believe how much space they had to stretch out.
  • One dad told me how grateful he was that all the volunteers he interacted with at our congregation are kind to both him and his kids. He said, “Not everyone is always kind, and it’s nice to just not have to worry about that here.”
  • Saint Andrew volunteers went out of their way to thank us for letting them partner with our congregation on Family Promise. They don’t have a facility that allows them to host families, and Saint Andrews is grateful to have a way to contribute.
  • By participating in Family Promise alongside many other churches of different denominations I believe we are building connections in the larger community around a shared purpose, and I honestly believe that has positive impacts that we sometimes don’t even realize.

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