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July 5th 2020 Homily – What We Stand For

​July 5th 2020 Homily – What We Stand For​In honor of Independence Day and continuing our series on courage, today we’ll dive into intellectual courage in the context of this modern day divided America. What, exactly, do we stand for?  Make your offering at Share0 Tweet0 Share0 To share this story, please click on […]

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Transforming Impossible into Possible

​White Supremacy CultureHi there, First Unitarian. So…  Until recently, I had planned this, my last Ploughshare article, to be, if not a completely fluffy, sentimental and affectionate goodbye, at least a bit lighter… a bit airier…   And make no mistake – I will miss you all greatly, and I hope you know that of course I […]

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White Supremacy Culture

​White Supremacy CultureWhen I was about 13, I went to lunch with my dad.  I don’t remember where it was, exactly; I don’t think it was anywhere we’d been before – just one of many small restaurants near where he was living in Bardonia, NY, about half an hour north and east of New York […]

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A Piece of Mike’s (re)Open Mind…

​A Piece of Mike’s (re)Open Mind…  Several people have asked recently about when the church will reopen.  While I haven’t consulted with the Board about this specifically, and no one is in a position to predict the future, I think the answer is sometime safely after the self-quarantine rule has been lifted.  Although, I suspect it […]

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Love, Justice, and Connection

Love, Justice, and ConnectionGreetings, beloveds!  How do I even begin?How about here:  I am SO PROUD OF US.  In the last few weeks of what has been a jarring transition to a disorienting new normal, this community has come together, even as we are physically isolating.The Caring Committee and Karen have been crafting ways to […]

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Finding Common Ground

​Finding Common Ground​by ​Jen ​Simon, Ministerial InternThis month at First Unitarian, we enter into the theme of common ground.  Theological common ground has been on my mind a lot of late, as Connections and FUSE discuss how best to extend our welcome to as many – and as diverse – a spectrum of people and […]

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