​The Sources

Below is a paraphrased summary of the spiritual sources of Unitarian Universalism: 
  • Direct experience of life and the divine
  • Words and deeds of prophetic women and men
  • Wisdom from the world's religions
  • Jewish and Christian teachings
  • The guidance of reason and science.
  • Earth-centered traditions and the rhythms of nature
The fact that we have a list like this defines us as pluralists, and it is wonderfully indicative that these sources look both backward and forward, both inward and outward, befitting a people who seek wholeness.

In this month when our Whole Souul Living Theme is The Sources of Unitarian Universalism, the following questions are provided for our individual and communal reflection:
  • What sources do you look to, depend on, or turn to, for strength/courage/peace?
  • Which of the sources above has the greatest capacity for holding a community together?
  • Which are the most challenging to you personally?
  • Which do you want to learn more about?
  • And, which ones should be held up more often, or more powerfully, in our common worship experience on Sunday mornings?  Why?

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