Embracing Possibilities

This will be an uncertain year.  I am certain about that much.  Our ritual ingathering service this Sunday marks the beginning of our second year to begin again in times of Covid.  Throughout the difficulties presented by virtual church, I’ve been aware of the tension between grief and hope day to day, and how our community continues to show up in new ways, with love.  

This year, the RE program will experi-learn.  We’ll try some new things.  We’ve decided to use materials from Soul Matters, a monthly curated theme based ministry source lovingly provided by UU professionals.  This year, the themes have been chosen to help us navigate the uncertain journey of re-emerging into our new world as the presence of Covid lingers.  In September, the theme is Embracing Possibilities.  This thread will be found in our youth ministry, and in our family support and outreach efforts.  

What is possible for you today, that was not possible a year ago?  What could be possible, if we were willing to make one small adjustment or change?  This is an expansive concept to take on this month, in this year of uncertain gains and losses.  When our access to one another became physically limited, we imagined the possibility of online church.  As a community, we have embraced the possibility of online streaming services to multiple platforms, including now, limited capacity in-person worship.  

I learned this year how it was possible to be in two places at once.  And, sometimes I wonder, even if it is possible to do something, does that mean we should do the thing?  Just because it’s possible?  

Our resources for families will include table conversation questions to use at meal time.  A bedtime story about possibility with wondering statements to spark imagining together.  Introduction to anti-racism resources in our larger community.  A guided scavenger hunt to use in your own neighborhood that encourages discovering new possibilities around you.  And finally, parent reflection discussion questions for embracing parenting possibilities after a tough and challenging pandemic existence.  To connect with these resources, please check out our First Unitarian Families facebook page, and be sure to fill out an RE registration form online.  Or, send me an email at erin@fusden.org.  

It is possible to bring church into our houses and homes.  We’ve done it virtually.  And, the goal of Religious Exploration has always been to encourage our children, youth, and families to incorporate our values, principles and sources into our lived experience every day of the year.  We are excited by the possibilities of trying something new, the opportunities available as we rediscover how our faith community weaves back together in love within and after the pandemic.  We are, each of us, full of possibility in this time, in this moment, and again tomorrow.  

With love,

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