Between Too Much and Not Enough

I’ve been reminded of explorers and adventurers relying on the stars, their best equipment and knowledge to set out into the unknown with the hopes of safe passage and arrival at a new destination.

Some of us are still wary of large gatherings, some of us are beyond ready to reclaim the feelings of normalcy and comfort of being together.  Some of us are somewhere in between, depends on the moment and particulars of the day whether we feel ready, or not.  It is a feeling after all, each of us with a different barometer of what we need in order to feel relatively safe enough to risk emerging from our pandemic boundaries.  You can read all the articles, the science, the singular stories, and still have a feeling.

I’m here today to say this, return physically when you are ready.  Listen to the wisdom of your body.  We’ll be here whenever you are ready to return in person.  We’ll be available online as well. Engage in ways that honor your feelings and your needs.

In the weeks to come, we’ll be rolling out changes in how we present worship online.  I realized yesterday that we’ve arrived at what may be our last zoom worship service for the foreseeable future.  Later today I’ll complete what might be my last pre-recorded Time for all ages.  The following Sunday will be a live and in person outside service at Barnum Park.  Following that, we’ll have live steaming equipment in our sanctuary and the staff will meet on Sunday mornings to livestream a service without the congregation present. Some time after that, a limited congregation will be present in the sanctuary.  These are all small steps toward our new way of experiencing being together.  I have feelings about each step along the way.

There will be comfort and discomfort, sure footing and awkward steps.  There will be moments of too much effort, or not enough as we try to find the path back to each other.  We’ll progress and we’ll stumble, all part of our journey together.  When you feel it’s too much, pause and listen.  When the journey feels like not enough, pause and listen. We are finding our way back to one another between too much and not enough together as a community.  Not individually, but collectively. We are resilient, and able to do difficult and joyful things together moving from here to there in love.

With grace and compassion for our entire crew, let us journey together as traveling companions toward wholeness.

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