Balance is a beautiful thing.  Balance is also our Whole Souul Living Theme for September.  In a technical sense, balance is an equal distribution of weight that enables steadiness.  Balance is also about correct proportions: of power, justice, prosperity, Love… ideals seldom achieved but deeply worthy.  In these busy and troubled times, all of us could benefit from some gentle attention to balance: between work and play, sadness and joy, time alone and time with others, the demands of the body and those of the spirit.

Some questions for individual and group reflection:
  • At this point in your life, where are you out of balance?
  • Where have you achieved balance?  And, what did you have to do or give up to get to that point?
  • What do you do for fun?  Who do you share that with?
  • When have you felt peaceful equilibrium in your body and soul?  Tell someone that story.
  • “Everything in moderation,” is a famous old adage.  Reflect on this in your own life.
  • Are there times when even moderation should be moderated?  Perhaps with something more extreme?  Share a story about that from your own experience.

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