Welcoming Congregation

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LGBTQ Support 

We are a proud Welcoming Congregation

Learn the 5 practices of any welcoming congregation

1- What does it mean to be a Welcoming Congregation?

A welcoming congregation changes the age-old practice of churches being a judge mental, even unsafe space for LGBTQ people. Instead, we practice radical inclusion. LGBTQ people are full, practicing members of our community who we cherish. Our embracing of diversity has made our church brighter and more loving than ever before. Becoming a Welcoming Congregation is the expectation of every Unitarian Universalist congregation. Now, over 800 congregations are “approved” by the UUA.

​2- Welcoming Worship Services

Special worship sevices throughout the year celebrate our vast diversity, including our wonderful LGBT members. This might mean a receiving a thoughtful Pride Month sermon, a same sex marriage ceremony, dedication, remembrance ceremony, or naming ritual. We take great pride in being the location for Denver's first ever gay marriage.

​3- Welcoming Days of Observance

We reserve special days throughout the year for an annual recognition of Welcoming Days of Observance. These are important days for all of us to celebrate the visibility and affirmation of gay rights after decades of erasure and abuse. We're frequently reminded of the sacredness of all stories and all expressions of love.

​4- Welcoming Congregation Module

We strive to be leaders for social justive initiatives, including support for LGBTQ rights and celebrations. Each year the UUA approves seminars/webinars for us to share with our congregants and extended Denver community. When gay rights was at the forefront of Denver politics we, as a group, decided to host church services on the steps of city hall - protesting and worshiping all at once. 

​5- Support a Welcoming Project

We love supporting and donating to other LGBTQ rights organizations throughout Denver. We recognize the continued hard work and resources necessary to maintain a movement that improves the civil liberties of so many. By sharing our resources, we're honored to help the groundwork accomplished by so many friends and advocates.