Racial Justice

Black men, women and children are dying in our communities.  Sometimes it’s at the hands of law enforcement officials.  Sometimes it’s in jails.  And sometimes it’s just from walking down the street.  But it’s got to stop.  As we witnessed the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement, FUSD felt called to take action.  In Feb 2015, the congregation voted to put a Black Lives Matter banner on the side of our building to show our solidarity with the movement.  

We want to be effective allies but there is a steep learning curve on how best to do this.  We have become involved with other churches by attending interfaith events; we have hosted Black Lives Matter meetings at our church; we have shown up as witnesses to violence in Denver.  We continue to find our way on this issue.

The Racial Justice Project strives to help our congregants educate themselves about current issues of race, racism, white privilege and racial justice and to share with them opportunities to become activists around these issues.  We also endeavor to engage our neighboring communities in racial justice work. If you are interested in getting in on the ground floor of this effort, please contact us.