Scripture is our Whole Souul Living Theme for October.  Spiritual traditions like Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and many others look to very specific, historic texts for inspiration, truth, guidance, or comfort.  For our purposes, solidly in the liberal religious tradition, we will more broadly define Scripture as, “Anything we turn to for guidance, truth, inspiration, or comfort.”  With this definition, nature, love, music, community, or silence could all be considered scripture.  This month, you are encouraged to spend some time considering the sources of your own inspiration and truth, and especially exploring or remembering some of the quotes, passages, poems, prayers, or books that have served this function for you.

Some questions for individual and communal reflection:

  • What are the scriptures…; quotes, passages, poems, prayers, or books that have served you as sources of inspiration and truth?
  • What memories, feelings, or thoughts arise as you think about identifying and re-reading your scripture?
  • Imagine that the wisdom, knowledge, message, or truth of your scripture was desperately needed by someone you loved (for whatever reason).  How would you try to share that wisdom, knowledge, message, or truth?   Or, do you feel that people just need to learn things for themselves?
  • Wisdom literature suggests that guidance and truth are all around us all the time, and the trick is being open it.  Reflect on this openness…  Can this openness be cultivated?

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