​Rev. Mike Morran

Meet Rev. Mike Morran

​Rev. Mike Morran grew up a city kid from Chicago, attending the Unitarian Universalist Church of Evanston. With an atheist father, a mystic mother, Catholics in the extended family, and friends who were Jewish and Greek Orthodox, comfort with religious diversity has always been a part of life.
​​Unitarian Universalist churches were caught up in social activism in the 1960s, and Mike remembers thinking that religion is what happens when you pitch in with your friends and family to help someone out. Recycling drives, serving soup to the poor, visiting nursing homes, and cleaning up city lots with rakes and garbage bags were early and formative church experiences. Teen trouble and a strong independent streak led him to drop out of high school for a few years of itinerant manual labor.

To this day Mike appreciates the saying by Mark Twain, “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” Facility with math and mechanical things eventually took him to engineering school and a decade of productive industry, much personal searching, and some dark and groping places of the soul. In 1990, he went back to church and some light found its way in. Church was a lifesaver, and religion again happened when friends pitched in to help him out.

Called to Ministry

Called to the ministry in 1993, seminary in 94’, married in 95’, first child in 97’, ordained in 98’; a bright and busy time with abundant blessings. Settled at First Unitarian Church of Denver since 2002 with a second child and a strong marriage, he finds serving this thriving congregation a joy and a privilege. 

These days Mike is on fire with a vision for Unitarian Universalism for the next generation, Unitarian Universalism as a spiritual path, Unitarian Universalism as a transformative faith for troubled times.. This great journey of the mind, the heart, and the spirit, is an open invitation to all people of good will.


At the heart of our church are three spiritual ideals that inform our lives and ministry: ' THERE IS A UNITY THAT MAKES US ONE, ALL SOULS ARE SACRED AND WORTHY, and SALVATION IN THIS LIFE.'

These ideals are woven through our worship, music, spiritual growth for all ages, and our commitment to social justice. All people of goodwill are invited to join us on this journey of the mind, the heart, and the spirit.

Mike Morran's Outlook

What Denver Means to Us

An Invitation

Our Reverend



​Rev. Morran'S
Best Quality​

F​irst Unitarian members relish their relationship with their Reverend. Here are a few of Rev. Morran's best qualities according to church members:

  • Listens to understand 
  • Wise counsel - when things are challenging, you'd want him by your side.
  • Level headed and thoughtful decision maker
  • Unafraid to challenge his congregation toward moral imperatives
  • A kind, generous heart matched with a determination to do good
  • Clear vision and outstanding communication 
  • Exceptionally high standards that make everyone else around him better
  • Available for and committed to the labor of deep, personal relationship building

​Mike Morran

​The People's Minister

“When the true leader is finished, the people say, "Amazing! We did it ourselves."” - Lao-Tzu

Notes from Reverend Morran


​Mike Morran

Welcome to First Unitarian Society of Denver! We are a proudly inclusive community of spiritual seekers, deeply involved in the urban core of central Denver. All people of goodwill are invited to join us on this journey of the mind, the heart, and the spirit.