Liberation is our Whole Souul Living Theme for June.  Broadly speaking, Liberation can be political, physical, emotional, spiritual, or all of the above.  Typically, liberation assumes a current or previous condition of being bounded or restricted, and things get interesting when we consider that it is possible to be unaware of our own bondage.  Consider this quote from Laura van Dernoot Lipsky:  “We will find the key to our liberation only when we accept that what we once did to survive is now destroying us.”

Some questions for individual and group reflection:
     -From what habits, ways of thinking, or emotional ruts would you like be liberated?
     -How do you tell the difference between limitations that are real vs. those that we impose on ourselves?
     -Reflect on the relationship between spiritual/emotional liberation and political liberation.  Can one exist without the other?
     -Herbert Spencer famously wrote: “No one can be perfectly free until all are free.”  What does this mean to you?          -Does it imply liberation or sacrifice?Liberation Theology is an attempt to re-frame the teachings of Jesus from the perspective of the poor and oppressed, which changes EVERYTHING.  Could this change your perspective on Christianity?

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