What is a Covenant?

Our First Unitarian Covenant 

As a faith community, we promise:

- To engage with one another in a spirit of respect, compassion, love and trust;

- To nurture, deepen and expand our spiritual growth and sense of community by regularly attending Sunday services;

- To give generously of our volunteer time, energy, and our financial support to sustain our church home, our church community and our mission;

- To be present with each other through all of life’s transitions;

- To engage with the larger world to promote justice and demonstrate our values in the public arena;

- To be gentle with others and ourselves when we fall short of expectations, showing good humor and calling ourselves back into covenant;

- We acknowledge and commit ourselves to the work of sustaining our beloved community, welcoming all in good faith and ministering to each other.

Our Covenant is an Ongoing Relationship with Each Other

COVID-19 UPDATE: Sunday Services ​Have Moved Online.  Effective Immediately, we have suspended all in-person gatherings. We Will Continually Monitor & Update You.