Child Dedication

What is a UU Child

For any families interested in enacting a sacred bond between their children and our exceptional congregation. It is a beautiful ritual, performed twice annually by our very own Rev. Mike Morran. We would be truly honored to have your family participate in this lovely ceremony. Please RSVP in advance if your family would like to participate. 

What to Expect 


1 - Not like a Traditional Baptism/Bar Mitzvah

Instead of a formal, ritualistic affair, our Child Dedications focus on creating a covenant between the family, the community, and the child.


2 - Speak to your Child

You will be asked to speak a few brief words to your child during the ceremony. 4-5 sentences maximum please. These are words of dedication to your child made with the congregation as a witness. For most, this is a very touching aspect of the ceremony


3 - Ceremony by Reverend Morran

Reverend Morran will speak about the significance of the Child Dedication. We know this is a special moment for your family and look forward to sharing this day with you!


​Mike Morran

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