Sundays at First Unitarian For Families and Kids
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Our Peaceful Playspace

Here at First Unitarian Society of Denver (FUSD), it is important to us that families and children feel welcomed in our community. Our Peaceful Playspace is designed for families and children of all ages as well as backgrounds, filled with engaging toys, fidgets, puzzles, and craft activities to use during service.

This space is located inside the sanctuary to the left of the stage.

Time for All Ages

Each Sunday service includes a dedicated time for those who are young and young at heart to come together. We hear from our Religious Exploration Staff with an engaging story or activity that relates to our overall theme for the morning, giving our young people an opportunity to have their voices heard and included.

Living Room

Just as it's important to us that families and children feel welcomed here at First Unitarian Society (FUSD), we also want the same for our slightly older youth. Our Living Room area is designed with older youth in mind with comfy couches, a tv to still hear and see our service, and filled with fidget activities and games to use during service.

This space is located just outside the glass doors of the sanctuary.

The Nursery

Due to COVID, our nursery has suspended in-person childcare options for nursery-aged children and preschoolers.

The Nursery is one of our places for babies and preschool-aged children here at First Unitarian Society of Denver. Filled with loving and caring staff who have been both background checked as well as trained by our Early Childhood Coordinator, the Nursery is filled with everything you and your little ones may need. We have all the necessities you may need during your visit with us, such as diapers and wipes, a sanitary changing station, age appropriate toys, and more. We even have a display monitor to share our worship in real time just in case you or your little one aren't quite ready to be away from one another.

The Nursery is located through the doors on the right-hand side of the main entrance, up the stairs on your right.


Due to COVID, all scheduled children programming is outdoors, weather permitting.

At First Unitarian Society of Denver, we provide a free-choice Sunday morning experience for Kindergartners through 5th Graders. All of us start in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings and stay through Time for All Ages. Once Time for All Ages is over, children may choose to stay in-service with their families or play in our Peaceful Playspace. Through the remainder of Spring 2022, families and children may also choose to join us outside in-front of the main entrance to learn about Unitarian Universalism values and fostering community through crafts, games, and more.


Our youth programming at First Unitarian Society of Denver meets 6th through 12th graders in their spiritual exploration, helping them move through Unitarian Universalism while also fostering lifelong community. While our typical structured programming has been suspended due to COVID, our youth are are more than welcome to come in-person on Sundays to join in on worship or hang with Lena, our Youth Programs Coordinator, in the Game Central area. When we have critical mass, our youth and Lena often visit the local coffee shop or park during worship.