Soliciting Organizations for Giving in Action

(thanks to Colleen Bryan for the post)-For more than a decade, FUSD has chosen to dedicate two of our monthly collection plates to worthy non-profits outside our immediate community, groups whose values and principles align with our own.  Many are organizations that some of our members also work for, volunteer at, or have benefited from. This practice recognizes that the web of which we are a part is fed through our Society and extends well beyond our walls.

Your Giving in Action Team receives and vets applications from non-profits and conducts due diligence on behalf of FUSD  contributors.  Having worked through our current list of applicants, we invite you to suggest other 501(c)3 organizations that might be good candidates for future collections.  Please screen the applicant organization you champion for the alignment of its core mission and practices with those of your fellow congregants.  Applications can be submitted directly online at and scroll down to Recipient Registration.

A lot of non-profit agencies are sucking air under the demands and restrictions of COVID fall-out. Please help us reach out to worthy groups who can put our collective contributions to good use in the world.

First Unitarian

Society of Denver

We’re proud members of the Denver community – leading some of the largest social justice efforts of the last few generations. Our historical building and warm-hearted members stand ready to welcome you!

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