FUSDEN Arturo Hernandez Garcia's History​

​Posted Date: Aug 23, 2017- 9:21am | Author:

​ Arturo Hernandez Garcia  and his wife, Ana, came to the US from Chihuahua, Mexico in 1999 seeking better opportunities for their 3 month old daughter. He has two daughters; Mariana, 17, who is a DACA recipient and Andrea, 11, who is a US citizen. They built a life here and a business laying floors and their second daughter, Andrea, was born here in 2006.
Ana’s parents, both citizens, live here in the US and applied in 1992 for Ana to join them. That application has been pending for more than a quarter century.
Arturo’s deportation proceedings began in 2010 when another contractor at a jobsite hurled racial slurs at him and then accused Arturo of threatening him. A jury in Douglas County found Arturo not guilty, but ICE did not terminate the deportation proceedings.
On October 21, 2014, h received an order to leave the United States and decided to became the first person to claim sanctuary at First Unitarian. On July 21, 2015 ICE issued a letter stating they would use discretion and not deport him and on May 5, 2017  ICE issued an order staying his order of deportation for two years.

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