How Much Should I Pledge?

Thank you for your continued support. We could not participate in all of the wonderful activities each year without the financial contributions of our members and friends.  Many of our members generously strive to contribute 5% of their household income to our church each month.
The Unitarian Universalist Association produced a Fair Share Giving Guide that may guide your giving. You can find their report here.
We recognize that everyone cannot give equally. Your giving communicates and demonstrates your connection to this spiritual home. It is an expression of your life circumstances, hopes, dreams, and ideals.
Consider your values, commitment, your income and your needs. Then….Please give as generously as you can to fuel First Unitarian’s flame!

What Your Pledge Supports

Church Staff

Operating Expenses​

Church ​Activities

Hosting Local Organizations​

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Members: Rent Our Building

Join the Grocery Card Program

This method is one of the easiest ways to support our organization. If you shop at a participating grocer, every purchase you make raises funds for our congregation. For every $100 you spend on groceries or gas, for instance, FUSD receives up to $5 directly from the store. And it doesn’t cost you anymore for your purchases. It is a win-win. This adds up quickly. In fact, we receive approximately $10,000 per year toward our budget. If everyone used the cards regularly, we could double the amount we received last year.

How Does It Work?

Connect your King Soopers Rewards card to First Unitarian and every purchase supports the church! Call 800-677-KING or enroll at You're also welcome to buy gift cards that benefit our church.  Pre-loaded cards are available to buy each Sunday during coffee hour. 

Helpful Donation Forms 

  • Pledge Form
  • Stock Transfer Instructions
  • IRA Donation Information Sheet
  • Common Ways to Give
  • Direct Transfer ACH Form
  • Kings Gift Card Program 

Other Ways to Give Back​

Donate your Car

We partner with v-Dac (Vehicle to Any Charity). You can call Toll-Free 877-999-8322 to speak to a FUSD Vehicle Donation Representative. Our Representative will schedule a pickup that's convenient for you, and provide you with confirmation of your donation.

Donate to our Auction

Our Annual Auction is one of our largest fundraisers. It's a fun time for our members to come together and support our many church activities. To get involved, donate an item to be auctioned or volunteer to host a fundraising dinner. Learn more here.

Leave a Memorial Gift

Honor a lifetime of activism, showing up for what you believe in and consider what our congregation provides you, your family, and our community. We're grateful for your generosity and commitment to our vision for a loving, more just world.