Our Whole Lives Program

Erin Kenworthy

Director of Religious Education

What is
Our Whole Lives?

Our Whole Lives (O.W.L)

A comprehensive sexuality education program developed by the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ. At developmentally appropriate levels, OWL promotes informed and responsible decision-making and sexual and emotional health in our communities.

Meaningful dialogues

It fosters meaningful dialogue and parent-child communication. OWL helps participants apply their religious and moral values in an important area of their lives and deepens commitment to one’s faith tradition.

How We Help

What does the program offer?

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Who is this program for?

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What age groups do you teach?

What is Our Whole Lives Academy?

Making an Impact for our Youth


One of our core principles is the dignity and sacredness of every soul. This includes our children, of course! In honoring their inherent worth, we give them the space and focus they need to tell their stories, ask questions, and thrive on their own terms.


We teach children the importance of self respect, respect for their peers and family members, and respect for the dignity of all people. They learn how to navigate relationships through core curriculum and classroom workshops.

Glenn barrows 

Former O.W.L Facilitator 

EFFECTIVE and emotional learning

Guiding values and principles

A safe and supportive peer group

affirming parents as their child’s primary sexuality educators