A human rights issue we care deeply about. we've organized a sustained effort to celebrate the dignity of every immigrant.

​We Believe All Souls Are Sacred & Worthy

Because we believe that all souls are sacred and worthy, we work to live our UU principles by shining light on the injustices of our immigration system and taking direct action that can effect positive change. We work to build relationships that will allow us to address the injustices of this system while being led by immigrants in our community.

To increase the effectiveness of our efforts, we formed an Immigration Justice Project and adopted Immigration Justice as a Congregational Project at First Unitarian Society of Denver in 2014.

How our efforts support the rights of Immigrants

The Immigration Justice Project (IJP) is dedicated to creating meaningful immigration reform and support of immigrants among us through a variety of initiatives:


Educating ourselves, congregants, other faith based communities, and the public.



Encouraging elected representatives by advocating for immigrant justice;



Supporting and partnering with organizations using a range of helpful strategies to fight inhumane deportations and wage theft. 



Providing sanctuary to undocumented immigrants facing deportation in collaboration with the Denver Metro Sanctuary Coalition.


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