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(thanks to Nan Wigington and the Giving in Action Team for the post)-For the past 25 years, EarthLinks has addressed the fragmentation, isolation, and hunger for connection among individuals experiencing homelessness and economic poverty while focusing on environmental sustainability. By combining sustainable gardening, creation of Earth-friendly products, supportive community and relationships, meaningful paid work, as well as resource-navigation and case-management, a path out of homelessness and into community is formed. By creating a welcoming and caring community that allows for restoration and growth, we heal both people and the planet. EarthLinks’ primary program, Workshop, is a social enterprise program for adults who are experiencing homelessness and economic poverty with a goal of supporting participants in achieving overall well-being while caring for Earth. The Workshop Program provides participants with the opportunity to learn meaningful skills through the creation of Earth-friendly products, which are then sold in the Denver metro area and online, providing earned income to participants.

Alongside First Baptist Church of Denver, EarthLinks is staffing and overseeing one of Denver’s first Safe Outdoor Spaces (SOS). This SOS, comprised of 22 uniform tents, provides temporary shelter for up to 30 women and transgender people. Safe Outdoor Spaces are healthy, secure, staffed, resource and service-rich environments that prioritize people experiencing homelessness who are not accessing existing services or resources. These dedicated sites include the following resources and services: bathrooms, hand sinks, meals, drinking water, outreach services, housing referrals, benefit navigation, and 24-hour staffing. From December, 2020 to mid February, 2021, about 4,000 meals were served, 52 loads of laundry were done, 43 showers were taken, there were 36 case-management encounters, medical services were provided 11 times, there were 6 mental health interventions or service encounters. Two individuals have left to permanent or semi-permanent housing. All of these services and interventions would not have been provided if not for the safety and opportunity for help at the SOS. Individuals who had previously disconnected from society have been able to access critically needed services, from basic physical health services to case-management, medication management, and mental health services.

Be as generous as you can in support of Earthlinks. Contribute online by visiting your Breeze giving link or check out the Earthlinks website to donate or shop. Cass Cronan, Executive Director of Earthlinks, will also be attending our service and coffee hour on 4/18. Please welcome her and ask her about her organization's good works.

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