FUSD Racial Justice Project Update

(thanks to Patrick Wharton for the post)-
Expungement/Records Clearing (Trudy Glidden, Chair)

Regarding the Expungement project and new developments with HR21-1214, it appears that RJP/Expungement will be forging ahead with the Expungement/Sealing Records project exactly as planned. Meanwhile we totally support HB21-1214 as it automatically expunges records in categories that RJP/Expungement group is not addressing.
Get Involved. RJP/Expungement will need people to send a short email or call your House and Senate representatives stating support for the Expungement HR21-1214 Bill.

Here’s a draft you can copy/paste or edit:

          Dear (insert representative/senator; see below for link)

           I am in support of HB21-1214.  Expunging records automatically is important because it allows greater opportunity for                    employment, housing, family relations and citizenship.  Please vote YES on HB21-1214.

           Thank you,

Reparations (Steve Brainerd, chair)
Our reparations proposal is moving forward.  We began with FIAC (Faith in Action Committee), where we fielded questions.  The proposal was met with enthusiasm.  Next, we will present it to the Board.  Upon their blessing, we will begin the process of bringing this proposal to the congregation.  For now, our purpose is to present the broad idea, and work on specifics later.  We are in the process of widening the distribution of this document--be patient--we will bring it to the congregation as soon as possible.
From Rev. Mike: Together Colorado Priority Housing Legislation Faith Leader Resources
From David Alley: Seminars on White Supremacy at Denver University
From Steve Brainerd: Rev. Warnock's speech on race, U.S. House of Representatives

Mark your calendars, the next zoom meeting is on May 4th at 6:30p.  The agenda/link will be sent on Monday, May 3rd.

Please contact Patrick Whorton at if you like to be added to the RJP mailing list.

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