Connect with Your Community Throughout the Week!

During this time of physical distancing, we are experimenting with different ways to connect socially beyond Sunday service and coffee hour.  Here are some opportunities we hope you will join:

Occasionally Via Facebook Live

During the 7:00p hour -- Evening Improvisation (live improvised piano music) by Lia. To watch and listen: Go to the First Unitarian Denver’s Facebook page and watch LIVE during the 7:00 pm hour (for about 15 minutes), or view the video any time thereafter by clicking on the link in the feed.

Other Ways to Connect

Parenting Meds with Erin Kenworthy
A mini meditation series for UU parents on the First Unitarian Families Face Book Page!
Times are hard right now, and difficult decisions around family life, school, work, and community at the forefront of my mind, well, constantly.
I’ve needed a time out for a long while now, maybe you do too?
So, I’ll be creating virtual space for those of us who are actively parenting right now to catch a mindful moment. There will be food for thought, space to breathe, and a minute to consider your intention amidst the chaos. Grab it when you need it, asynchronous, time out time for you. Optional supplies include a chalice or candle, and a journal or just the back of a piece of forgotten child artwork.  New 15 minute video available every Monday! Hang in there, my active parenting warriors!

Souulful Men at First Unitarian with Rev. Mike

Facilitated by Rev. Mike, Souulful Men will explore a mature, liberal religious masculinity: male-positive, pro-feminist, gay-affirming, culturally and racially inclusive, open to all who identify primarily as male.  Our primary objective will be to support personal and spiritual growth.  Discussions will include relationships, spiritual growth, toxic vs. healthy masculinity, and current challenges such as health, employment, and family matters, but any subject of concern is appropriate.

We will meet on three consecutive Tuesday evenings in August, then monthly through the remainder of 2020 at a time to be mutually determined.  Interested Souuls should send an email to Rev. Mike at

Circlecraft, creating a personalized pagan spiritual practice with your local erstwhile subtlewitch, Erin Kenworthy.
We'll be reading and discussing "The Circle Within" by Dianne Sylvan (available on kindle and as a paperback) in a series of 10, 90-minute online workshops offered once a week from early August through mid October. Workshops will also include wisdom from the work of Caitlin Matthews, Christopher Penczak, and others (including the participants!) Indicate your interest by participating in this survey to determine our regular meeting time.

This course is meant to reignite personal practices with little to no focus on high ceremonial ritual. Newly curious, experimental, or advanced witchy-types invited to participate!

Sacred Text/Brave, Sacred Space with Rev. Mike

In five weekly meetings, we will dive into five short, sacred texts from various sources; scripture, Rumi, Toni Morrison, Mary Oliver, and Lao Tzu.  The goal will be to create brave, sacred space with a small group of kindred/seeker souls, learning and growing from our mutual responses, thoughts, and stories.

Facilitated by Rev. Mike, participants will receive the weekly selection ahead of time, and our time together will be gently and loosely guided by focus questions.  We will meet on five Monday nights in August, 7:00 to 8:15 p.m.  To register, send an email to Rev. Mike at

First Unitarian

Society of Denver

We’re proud members of the Denver community – leading some of the largest social justice efforts of the last few generations. Our historical building and warm-hearted members stand ready to welcome you!

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PLEASE NOTE: All in-person gatherings have been suspended. 

Sunday Services are being held online on Zoom at 10:00 am.

The meeting ID is 466-677-668 and the password is 454623.