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Show Up in Love

Show Up in Love“I’ve got peace like a river, I’ve got peace like a river, I’ve got peace like a river in my soul…” We have arrived surely into the year 2021.  It is here.  I’ve pinched myself just to be sure this is not a dream, even though recently, my sleeping dreams have been […]

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A Few Missing Pieces

A Few Missing PiecesThree days ago, in a grasp at normal family time fun, the kids asked if we could do a 500 piece puzzle.  So the boys and dad poured it onto the kitchen table and started sorting.After an hour they abandoned it.  So I picked up where they left off… starting on the […]

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Waiting Is Not Easy

Waiting Is Not EasyWaiting is not easy!  Mo Willems, a prolific children’s author, reminds us that waiting is really, really hard to do.  I bought this book about 5 weeks into the pandemic for my kids, and myself, as a reminder that the pandemic would eventually pass.  Yet here we are, still waiting for the […]

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Locate Your Grace

Locate Your GraceDearest FUSD community, I am writing to you at an unconventional time.  It is 5:30 am and I am not a morning person.  I’m up because I’ve not really caught much sleep tonight anyway, and so it seems as good a time as any to write a bit about where we are as […]

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Breaking Up with Social Media

Breaking Up with Social MediaOr trying to.  Maybe considering it.  Someday.Hi.  My name is Erin, and I have a problem.  I’m addicted to social media.  At first, it was the bulletin boards of AOL, then, sharing songs over a shared network.  Then it grew to having a profile on Myspace, broadcasting my love of Broadway to anyone […]

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Family together at sunset

Building Memories…

Building Memories…“There are places I’ll rememberAll my life, though some have changedSome forever, not for betterSome have gone, and some remainAll these places had their momentsWith lovers and friends, I still can recallSome are dead, and some are livingIn my life, I’ve loved them all”  -John Lennon 1965 The Beatles released this song in 1965, since […]

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What Will You Create?

What Will You Create?How are you doing in this moment?  Check in with your body, go ahead. This column can wait.  What emotions are present?  Where do you feel each one in your body?  How is your heart feeling today? What do you need?  Listen to the wisdom in your body.We’ve entered unprecedented times, my friends.  […]

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Honest, Direct and Respectful

​Honest, Direct and Respectful​by Erin Kenworthy, Director of Religious ExplorationWinter is a time for slowing down, internal renewal, rest, and reflection.  As a congregation, we’ve been engaged in re-covenanting with each other, examining what our agreements are when we are together, and participating in the process of building our covenant in this community.  I love […]

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Emotional and Social School

“This is not school, the learning that happen here is not academic. It’s emotional and it’s social. Everything that happens in our classes is secondary and important.”-Erin Kenworthy Share0 Tweet0 Share0 To share this story, please click on the social media badges above. If you are not already logged into your account(s) you might be […]

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