Whole Souul Living

WHOLE SOUUL LIVING is the name we have given to monthly themes at First Unitarian Denver. Given the spiritual and religious diversity of our church, WHOLE SOUUL LIVING is intended as a way to focus and connect the ongoing reflection, discussion, and religious learning of the community. Below are some quotes, resources, stories, and/or thoughts related to this month's theme, and under that are some questions for reflection and sharing. Monthly themes will also be reflected in our Sunday worship and Religious Exploration for all ages. We hope you will find these useful, and the shared monthly themes of our community to be deeply connective.

The themes are collected in a three year recurring cycle, they are: 
Year One - Learning and Growth, Spiritual Practices (i.e. Prayer), Wisdom, Mysticism, Justice, Grace, Memory and Hope, Covenant, Community, Truth, Insight, and Simplicity.
Year Two - Vision, Transcendence/Transformation, Preparation, Divinity, Economy, Evil, Common Ground, Creativity, Change, Myth, The Sources, Hospitality.
Year Three - Freedom, Scripture, Generosity, Salvation, Peace, Brokenness, Imagination, Compassion, Vocation, Liberation, Mercy, Ultimacy.


The purpose of our focus on evil is not to dwell on the negative, but to live in awareness and in wholeness.  Sermons and services this month will be exploring this theme, and the community is encouraged to reflect, explore, and share your thoughts, experiences, hopes, and fears.  Below are some questions that we hope will initiate or facilitate rich some rich conversations.

Monetary and Spiritual Economy

The faith of Unitarian Universalism places a high value on right relationships between and among people. In our families and in our communal and social lives we believe in equality, justice, and fairness. On a personal level, we value integrity, compassion, and a free and responsible search for truth and meaning. These words articulate ideals that for Unitarian Universalists are the discipline and the measure of a faithful and religious life.


Economy needs just a little explanation as a Whole Souul Living Theme. The idea is that everything, and every decision, has costs and benefits. In every moment, Life provides us with exactly two limited quantities to spend: Time and Energy. These will eventually be spent no matter what we do.