Whole Souul Living

WHOLE SOUUL LIVING is the name we have given to monthly themes at First Unitarian Denver. Given the spiritual and religious diversity of our church, WHOLE SOUUL LIVING is intended as a way to focus and connect the ongoing reflection, discussion, and religious learning of the community. Below are some quotes, resources, stories, and/or thoughts related to this month's theme, and under that are some questions for reflection and sharing. Monthly themes will also be reflected in our Sunday worship and Religious Exploration for all ages. We hope you will find these useful, and the shared monthly themes of our community to be deeply connective.

The themes are collected in a three year recurring cycle, they are: 
Year One - Learning and Growth, Spiritual Practices (i.e. Prayer), Wisdom, Mysticism, Justice, Grace, Memory and Hope, Covenant, Community, Truth, Insight, and Simplicity.
Year Two - Vision, Transcendence/Transformation, Preparation, Divinity, Economy, Evil, Common Ground, Creativity, Change, Myth, The Sources, Hospitality.
Year Three - Freedom, Scripture, Generosity, Salvation, Peace, Brokenness, Imagination, Compassion, Vocation, Liberation, Mercy, Ultimacy.


Love has no body on earth but yours, no hands but yours, no feet but yours. Yours are the eyes through which Love and compassion for the world is to look out; yours are the feet with which Love is to go about doing good; and yours are the hands with which Love is to bless us now.



Brokenness is the Whole Souul Living theme, but not so that we might wallow morose or despairing. Brokenness is simply an essential and unavoidable part of human life. It often marks the turning points on our lifelong journeys; the endings of chapters, the beginnings of new ones, the places where growth takes place.

This month, in our individual and especially our communal discussions, reflect on…:


Peace is the Whole Souul Living Theme for January, and it represents a profoundly challenging hope!  Getting right to the heart of the matter, pacifist A. J. Muste wrote:  We cannot have peace if we are only concerned with peace. War is not an accident. It is the logical outcome of a certain way of life.


salvation, n.  A saving or being saved; preservation from destruction, ruin, loss, or calamity.



Our Whole Souul Living Theme for November is Generosity, a topic both deeply complex (if we think about it too much) and astonishingly simple (if we simply follow the impulse). Consider the quote, “True generosity is guided by awareness.” The implication is that if we are truly aware…: of our interdependence, of our inherent connections, of the transitory nature of all physical things, of our own truest nature…, then generosity flows naturally.


Scripture is our Whole Souul Living Theme for the month.  Spiritual traditions like Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and many others look to very specific, historic texts for inspiration, Truth, guidance, or comfort.  For our purposes, solidly in the liberal religious tradition, we will more broadly define Scripture as, “Anything we turn to for guidance, Truth, inspiration, or comfort.”  This month, you are encouraged to spend some time considering the sources of your own inspiration and truth, and especially exploring or remembering some o


Hospitality is an ancient value. Legend has it the Hebrew prophet Elijah would wander about disguised as a beggar to test whether people would be hospitable or hostile. On one occasion, a rabbi turned him away, only to learn later that it was Elijah in disguise. The moral in the Hebrew tradition is that you should treat all strangers as though you are greeting the prophet.


Here is a modern definition of myth, a la Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell:  “Myth refers to an intricate set of interlocking stories, rituals, rites, and customs that inform and give the pivotal sense of meaning and direction to a person, family, community, or culture.”  From this perspective, all of us are living collections of myths, consciously or unconsciously modeling our behavior, identity, and aspirations around images of what it means to be a parent, worker, youth, elder, lover, partner, adult, child, seeker, white person, Asian, etc.


Create: verb
1. To cause to exist; bring into being.
2. To give rise to; produce
3. To produce through artistic or imaginative effort

Common Ground

Common Ground is our Whole Souul Living Theme for March. In a world that insistently tries to divide us from one another, the central proposition of our faith is that, There is a Unity that makes us One.