Whole Souul Economy Circle

“Money enters into every aspect of our lives.’ –Jacob Needleman, Money and the Meaning of Life. “Money has become a collector of our fears….Fear erodes the soul’s function of imagination, creativity, memory, love, longing, dreaming deciding, willing, wishing…and most of all, experiencing the presence of the Divine.” –Robert Sardello, Love and the Soul.

This circle will be an exercise in reclaiming our economic souls via art, film, photography, conversation and whatever our collective imagination can provide. If we are to experience “Whole Souul Living” “economics” might be a place to start. Bill is seeking artists, photographers, storytellers, film buffs, musicians, and other imaginative characters that might be interested in delving into the soul aspects of “economy.”             Contact Bill Kirton

Art and Soul
Whole Souul Economy Circle Potluck, Film and Conversation
"Norma Rae"
Sunday, March 19 -  5:30 Potluck - 6:15 Film
The Whole Souul Economy Circle seeks to engage participants in soulful expressions of “economy” through art. The film, Norma Rae, provides the viewer with an experience of “economy” that touches the heart, engages the soul, and confronts complacency. 
“Ladies and gentlemen, the textile industry, in which you are spending your lives and your substance, and in which your children and their children will spend their lives and their substance, is the only industry in the whole length and breadth of the United States of America that is not unionized. Therefore, they are free to exploit you, to cheat you, to lie to you, and to take away what is rightfully yours - your health, a decent wage, a fit place to work.”   --from Norma Rae

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The "Handy Human" Project

The Whole Souul Economy Circle is exploring the creation of a “Handy Human” (or some other name) worker-owned cooperative enterprise that would provide employment opportunities for skilled individuals in our congregation. 

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