Welcome from our Music Director

Welcome from our Music Director - Lia Davis

I am honored and delighted to serve as Music Director at First Unitarian Society of Denver. If you are new to FUSD or new to our music program, I would like to welcome you and invite you in! As you can hear on any Sunday, we have a thriving music program. We would be happy to include you and offer you opportunities to share your gifts with our congregation.
I find it deeply satisfying to create music for our worship services: music that will inspire, comfort, motivate, and bring together our community; music that I know and love; music that resonates with the sermon topics; and music that pushes both our community and myself to go to new places. Sometimes I re-imagine music to illuminate something new about the music or the theme for our service. Other times, I improvise music that embodies and reflects the present moment, the sermon, or the energy of our community. I feel so fortunate to belong to a community that values music and embraces such a diversity of musical expression.
Since starting at First Unitarian in September 2007, my understanding of my role continues to deepen. I am here not only to make music, I am also here to collaborate, educate, and nurture the overall musical well-being of our community. The opportunities for collaborating with other musicians from our community excite me, and the possibilities keep growing as I meet more members of FUSD and discover their talents, potential, and great ideas.
Some of the wonderful services and events we have created are fast becoming annual traditions—including our Intergenerational Music service, our UU Revival in September (a lively community singing event), our Holiday Carol Sing in December, and our annual holiday pageant service.
I feel a unique resonance and connection with this community -- a symbiosis -- and look forward to sharing more music and learning with all of you.