Unity Film Productions Presents at the Denver Film Society

During the Crusades, Saint Francis of Assisi risked his life by walking across enemy lines to meet the Sultan of Egypt, the Muslim ruler Al-Malik al Kamil.  This encounter, and the commitment to peace of the two men behind it, changed the relationship between Muslims and Christians for the better.  This story is now being told in  Unity Productions Foundation (UPF)'s latest film "The Sultan and the Saint".  It will premier in Denver on April 30 at the Denver Film Society, Maria and Tommaso Maglione Theatre, 2510 E. Colfax Ave Denver.  To order tickets here.  The mission of Unity Productions Foundation (UPF) is to counter bigotry and create peace through the media. UPF produces films that tell compelling stories for television, online viewing, and theatrical release. These films are part of long-term educational campaigns aimed at increasing understanding among people of different faiths and cultures, especially among Muslims and other faiths.