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Content updated Thursday, Feb. 16th, 2017

It's been a particularly busy week at First Unitarian.  This week, we welcomed Jeanette Vizguerra and her family into our building.  We provide sanctuary to immigrants facing deportation as a way of living our values and principles.  Here, we believe that all souls are sacred and worthy.  Here, we believe that every person needs a voice in our democratic society.  Here, we endeavor to build a fair, just, and peaceful world.  Living our values can be exciting and challenging.  Together, we serve our community with love as we seek justice.  We come together this week as an intergenerational community to reflect on the evil of oppression, and the triumph of those who actively stand for love.  We shall not be moved. 

Each week, this page is updated with announcements and information to help families fully engage with our Religious Exploration Program.  Please see our newest edition of the Religious Education Program Guide or our Program Specific Web Pages (listed to the right) for more information.  Please contact our Director of Religious Exploration, Erin Kenworthy, at with questions and feedback.

On most Sunday mornings, all children and youth are asked to join their families in the service to participate in our "Time For All Ages."  Please take a look at our RE dry erase board next to the welcome table for weekly details and instructions before heading into the service.  Children will be sung out to their classes and escorted by their teachers to their classrooms.  Teachers will sign children in to class when they take attendance, parents are asked to sign children in 5th grades and younger out when picking them up promptly following the service. Join us following the service in the RE family area in our Community Room for connection and information.

If you are new, have changed information since last year, or are unsure if your child is registered in our program, please register your child/ren online (see "Register" to the right) at

February's theme is Evil.

Sunday Feb. 19th, 9:15

Intergenerational Music Service.  Come Sing and Dance with us!

Nursery - We welcome children from 3 months to 3 years in age, along with their parents!

Pre School - We will explore and play together.

Kindergarten/1st grade - We will join our community in the Sanctuary.

2nd - 5th grades - We will join our community in the Sanctuary.

6th-8th grades - We will join our community in the Sanctuary.

9th - 12th grades - We will join our community in the Sanctuary.


11:00 AM

Nursery - We welcome children from 3 months to Pre-K, along with their parents!

Middle School Our Whole Lives - We will join our community in the Sanctuary.


Last Week:Sunday Feb. 12th, 9:15 AM

Nursery - We welcomed children from 3 months to 3 years for fun and community play.

Pre School - We wondered about valentines!

Kindergarten/1st grade - We explored the feelings that live in our hearts.

2nd - 5th grades - We selected a social justice project.

6th-8th grades - We gathered for discussion.

9th - 12th grades - We wrote postcards to our representatives and discussed moral dilemnas. 

11:00 AM

Nursery - We welcomed children from 3 months to 5 years for fun and community play

Middle School Our Whole Lives - We discussed relationship skills.


Upcoming Dates:

2/19/17 - Intergenerational Music Service
2/19/17 - Get Your Game On Fundraiser at Board Game Republic from 11:30-3pm.
3/3/17-3/4/17 - Middle School Youth Conference at the UU Church of Boulder.
3/31-4/2 - MDD Youth Bridging Con in Fort Collins, CO
4/23 - FUSDEN Intergenerational Bridging service
Teachers: Please visit our teacher sign up at to check team schedules and select dates!



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