The Unitarian Universalist “Handy Human” Worker Collaborative

To our UU friends:
Bill Kirton and Liz Case, members of First Unitarian of Denver, are working to create employment opportunities for skilled individuals in our UU congregations and beyond. These could include painting, home maintenance, carpentry, yard clean-up, lawn and garden care, home cleaning, computer support, grocery shopping assistance, etc. Persons who have talents and are seeking employment, often find it difficult to connect with those who need their services. As the population ages, many homeowners need trusted individuals who can provide them with a helping hand. We believe it is important that Unitarian Universalists engage in building a network that will connect a caring community of service providers with others who need their support. We also believe that economic justice can begin with us.
Are there persons in your congregation that could potentially use “Handy Human” services? Are there people in your congregation, or who know of people, who could be the service providers? We would love to hear your feedback! Please respond with ideas and requested information to Bill Kirton, 303-916-3128 and Liz Case.