The Great Dictator - Movie Night - Auction Event

Friday May 19 6:30p - First Unitarian Multipurpose Room
The hero, a barber-soldier in World War I, saves the life of a German pilot nam Schultz and flies him to safety, all the time not even knowing he was the enemy. Their crash-landing gives the barber amnesia, and for 20 years he doesn't know who he is. Then he recovers and returns to his barber shop in the country of Tomania, only to discover that the dictator,  Adenoid Hynkel, has come to power under the Double Cross. His storm troopers are moving through the ghetto, smashing windows and rounding up the Jews. But the barber's shop is spared by the intervention of Schultz, now an assistant minister, who recognizes him. The barber) is in love with the maid Hannah, and he is befriended by his former neighbors. But he and the disloyal Schultz are eventually put in a concentration camp, and then Hynkel has a boating mishap, is mistaken for the barber, and locked into the camp just as the barber and Schultz escape -- with Hynkel's uniform. Now the barber is assumed by everyone to be the dictator.