Surrender is the Whole Souul Living Theme for August.  By way of introduction, Surrender is the title of the following poem by William Larsen.  It has a word in it, dharma, which is Buddhist term that translates roughly as "teaching" 


At our house there live
a girl, a dog, and a yard full of newly planted flowers

The dog came free, the girl is priceless
and the flowers cost three hundred dollars,
a cozy scene, but complicated
in that I love the girl, the girl loves the dog
and the dog loves to dig my flowers
and I do not love the dog

creating a dilemma in which I who crave
even the illusion of control am stymied between my needs
for the orderly completion of my desires and the beam of joyous fire
in the eyes of the girl,
all of which says more about the complexities of love
than the training of neurotic dogs
and I've just discovered in writing these lines that
the dharma of this dilemma
has less to do with my training the dog to not dig my flowers
than the dog training me to love the girl


Questions for reflection:

  • What is Life calling you to surrender right now?
  • What is getting in the way of that surrendering?
  • Wisdom literature is clear that spiritual growth comes more often through letting go of limitations than by acquiring some new skill or attribute.  Does this ring true in your life experience?  Tell, journal, or otherwise find a way to express the story behind your thinking on this.
  • Surrendering is sometimes required, not just by individuals but by whole communities and even cultures.  What does your community need to let go of in order to grow in wisdom, spirit, or connectedness?