UUs in the wider world

What a great Ingathering service last Sunday! It was so good to see everyone again, to welcome each other home. And have you looked around the congregation lately? There are new faces. Young people, families with children, older couples. I think word is getting out that First Unitarian is a good place to be on a Sunday morning. Great music, thoughtful sermons, meaningful ritual. Who wouldn’t want to be there?!

I especially loved “Love Reaches Out” by the Artists at the Sanctuaries that Jovan Mays, our friend from Slam Nuba, helped out on. I’d never heard of that group, so like a good librarian, I went home and looked them up. I found out that The Sanctuaries is this amazing arts community in Washington, D.C., where all kinds of people get together to collaborate, make art, music, poetry, and share the love. And… the lead organizer is a Unitarian minister! You can hear the song recorded by the Artists at the Sanctuaries and watch a video of it at their website. I must say our version was more rockin’!

Closer to home, we have a group of folks at First Unitarian working to connect us with other Unitarian Universalist groups, as well as like-minded faith organizations in the area. This UU Affairs Taskforce, led by Jennifer Martin, is currently compiling a list of these organizations, collecting data on how we can best interact with them, and looking at a structure for a formal committee that can take on this liaison work. We usually send delegates to the Unitarian Universalist Association’s General Assembly each year, but finding out information about GA and what’s happening in the UUA often seems haphazard at best. This UU Affairs Taskforce will help us stay connected with what’s happening in the wider UU world--and let them know about the great things we’re doing.

We also have a congregation member, Brad Silsby, who is planning to attend the People’s Climate March in New York City on September 21st, and has asked the congregation to consider being a partner organization for the march. Our Faith in Action Council wholeheartedly concurred. Many other UU organizations, including the UUA, are also partner organizations, so we’re in good company.

I’ve never been a fan of proselytizing, of the Jerry Falwell types and window salesmen (who are way worse than used car salesmen). But I also think we UUs sometimes err on the side of not talking enough--or at all--about our faith. We don’t want to bother people, to be pushy. But if people don’t know about us, how can they connect with us? We have a lot of good to offer the world, and the world needs our message, especially now. I’m heartened when I see UUs out in the world doing good things. We’re out in the world doing good. Our annual Standing on the Side of Love service on the Capitol steps is coming up on Sept. 28. A great opportunity for us all to come out as UUs!