Science not Silence - Denver March for Science - April 22

Hello, my name is Julie Weinstein and I am a coordinator for the Denver March for Science. I am contacting you today to see if you and/or your organization would be interested in participating in the March for Science in Denver on April 22nd
We are expecting over 140 organizations and 15,000 people in Colorado to participate in the march itself and the community outreach project, known as teach-ins, occurring both during and after the march. During these teach-ins, different individuals and organizations will have a chance to interact with other marchers and the Denver community at large.
The Denver March for Science is an all volunteer organized event and is meant to be a nonpartisan advocacy for evidence-based policy in government. We are dedicated to inclusiveness and diversity. Marchers need not be scientists, but should believe in evidence-based policy. To reserve a space please fill out the Registration Form. I will be your official contact with the Denver March for Science, but please include Julie and on all communications to ensure we (the March organizers) can be as responsive as possible.