Reclaim Your Wholeness Workshop - Saturday March 25

In this time of tumultuous change in our country, we need you to be your whole, healthy self; bringing your gifts forward in order to stay engaged in action and keep a positive outlook. That is why we are offering our Reclaim Your Wholeness Workshop workshop right here in the neighborhood at Cheeseman Park. This workshop is highly interactive and will offer the opportunity to reflect, connect and commit to being fully you.

An experiential one-day intensive on living from your essence rather than from your fear, Reclaim Your Wholeness is an interactive, inspirational, head-to-toe re-wiring to get you back into integrity as the Unique Human that you were meant to be.

You will leave this workshop:

• Re-wired with a new, tangible pathway to commit to yourself and your purpose.

• Re-inspired to take actions that dissolve judgment, fear, and scarcity thinking so you can access your innate wisdom.

• Re-connected to your wholeness, your creativity, and your joyful essence.

Beth Barta has teamed up with Peter Daniels of Inner Guide, LLC. to offer a lively, inspiring journey. This is open to all those who are willing to look within and grow into who you truly are meant to be. We guarantee you will be raised to a whole new level. 

Investment: $150. Join with a friend and it's only $130 for each of you!