Oppose The Israel Anti-Boycott Act

This pernicious bill has the same name, Israel Anti-Boycott Act, in both the Senate (S 720) and the House (HR 1697).. The bill could well pass in September after the August recess because it has majority support in the House and a near majority in the Senate. UUJME sent out an email on August 1, 2017 asking you to help stop it; we are revisiting it today because of the need and urgency of stopping it. Visit the BDS National Committee website, as well as an informational page by Jewish Voice for Peace for background information on BDS.

The bill would level large fines and prison sentences against individuals and institutions that support boycott of corporations or divestment from corporations that are named by boycotts originating in other countries or in international bodies such as the European Union or the United Nations. Religious organizations engaging in such boycotts or divestment might not be exempt. The US Supreme Court has declared that boycotts are an expression of free speech protected by the First Amendment and the ACLU opposes it on those grounds. Therefore, the bill might be declared unconstitutional if it passes but in the meantime the clear intent is intimidation, making people afraid to use boycott and divestment in support of Palestinian human rights.

We have asked the UUA President and the UUA Board of Trustees to take some action in stopping this bill — but they have not so far done so. Please go online and ask them to oppose, as a Denomination. 

Please call, write, visit or attend the town halls of your Senators and Representative to ask them to withdraw their support for the bill if they have already supported it and to thank them if they have opposed it or have not yet supported it. Find out if your Senators are co-sponsors of the bill, and if your Representative is a co-sponsor. If you don't know who your Senators and Representative are, use this tool to find their names and contact information.