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May 3 Jefferson County Court Date For Ingrid
Caravan Leaves Mtn View Friends Meeting House on South Columbine & East Iliff 6:30a.  Arriving court house 7:15a.   Show support, wear black pants, white shirt.   Meet at  Mountain View after .
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Finding Yourself at First Unitarian

Next Class Saturday May 20 9:00a - 1:00p

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Citizen's Climate Lobby is a grass-roots, non-partisan, non-profit organization with two missions: to empower citizens to communicate effectively with our federal legislators in the context of respectful relationships, and to work toward passage of a federal fee on carbon emissions. Based on what climate scientists and economists tell us, we believe that a federal carbon fee, with all of the revenue returned equally to households in the form of a dividend, is the best first step to reduce greenhouse gases and mitigate climate change.

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Have you always wanted to be better public speaking?  Afraid to get in front of others and speak your mind?  Thinking about taking that next step in your career but feel you don’t have the confidence to get up in front of large groups and give presentations?  Wanting to get more involved in local politics and civic action groups, but not comfortable speaking up in meetings?  We have the answer for you – the Highlanders Toastmasters Club.

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First Unitarian provides a warm and welcoming place for homeless women every other Friday evening. Women's Homelessness Initiative (WHI) is a local collaborative of providers so that women have a safe secure place to sleep, a hot healthy meal and attentive volunteers to make them feel welcome and cared for.

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Please Visit Family Promise Website To Learn More!

The next rotation  will NOT be at First Unitarian

More Information To Follow!

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May Abundance