Membership Information

What does membership mean at First Unitarian?

The Four Commitments of Membership
In a Unitarian Universalist Church

1) Commitment to Community. Attending at least one Sunday service per month keeps us in touch with one another, and grounds our common religious identity. Commitment to a deep respect for the diversity among us, and to the principles of Love and Justice enriches our communal and individual lives.

2) Commitment to your own spiritual growth. We are dedicated to the proposition that there is a Unity that makes us One, and we believe in Salvation in THIS Life. We believe that this essential spiritual truth, and this ever-present possibility can be authentically explored or understood through any number of spiritual practices or disciplines, and we seek to provide assistance, companionship, and instruction on your journey. We provide religious education classes, CORE Circles, various groups, and always encourage personal reading, study, or practice. Our minister is always available for questions or guidance.

3) Commitment to serve. Virtually everything that happens at church happens because of our many members, friends, and volunteers. In addition to our committees, we have a wide range of short-term, medium length, and ongoing opportunities to contribute to our common ministry both within and without the congregation. Your commitment to assist the overall work and ministry of the church will keep you deeply connected, and is an essential part of being in community, and your own spiritual growth.

4) Commitment to fair pledging. Members are asked to make an annual pledge to support the church’s operating budget. Our congregation has a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds and a wide range of economic ability, yet our suggested guideline for giving is 5% of annual net income with child care, tuition, medical and other necessary and sustaining expenses subtracted.

How does somebody join First Unitarian?

Whether you have been a Unitarian Universalist for many years or this is your first church, we encourage people to attend our newcomer class, Finding Yourself at First Unitarian class (link), before becoming a member. We also encourage people to participate (both before joining and after!) in the life of our congregation outside of Sunday morning. It can be very challenging to meet people if you attend worship alone. For many of us, to feel like a member means having relationships and commitments in a community. Come hang out and bring your unique gifts to the community! We look forward to knowing you better.

SO, you are ready to become a member at First Unitarian Society of Denver…

  • Drop by the office or email Glenn Barrows,, to receive the necessary paperwork. All potential members are asked to fill out an interest inventory and a pledge form in advance of signing the book.
  • Show up to one of our 2nd Sunday book signing ceremonies. On the 2nd Sunday of each month, members of Connections Ministry, one of the ministers, and new members gather in Rev. Mike’s office for a book signing ceremony. Together we read the covenant, new members sign the book, hand in paperwork, and we take your picture for our newcomer board. This is one of the ways we honor and celebrate your joining the community of First Unitarian Society!

SO, now you’re a member… What’s next?

Get connected!

By the time people sign the book, some folks are already pretty integrated into the life and work of FUSD and many folks are still very new and discovering where they want to give of their time and talents. We encourage new members to find places where they would like to go deeper within the community. If you would like some guidance in knowing how to plug in at FUSD, we are happy to help! Email

Ideas for getting Connected as New Member (or Newcomer!)

  • Join a Core Circle
  • Volunteer with Family Promise or Women’s Homelessness Initiative
  • Attend a Vespers and Whole Souul Supper
  • Volunteer with one of our Religious Education classrooms
  • Participate in an Adult Religious Explorations Course
  • Attend the Annual Auction in the Spring and sign up for some of the social events that occur over the year

Be celebrated!

New Members Welcome Ceremony -- This ceremony happens during service three times a year. New members are invited to the front of the sanctuary, welcomed by the rest of the congregation, and everyone enjoys cake afterwards in the community room!

New Member Welcome Dinner -- This dinner happens twice a year and is a lovely evening in which new members, existing members, and the staff share a meal and get to know each other.