Mental Wellbeing

Mental Wellbeing/iCubed

It is common for people struggling with addictions, trauma, and mental health issues to feel disconnected from community and their spiritual paths, often at just the times when community and spiritual grounding could be essential to restoring balance to a chaotic life.

The Mental Wellbeing/iCubed (Illuminating Invisible Injustice) congregational project began in 2011 and seeks to:

  • Create awareness of the ways these life conditions leave people feeling outside the circle of a loving community;
  • Provide resources to support members and families struggling with these issues;
  • Build skills within the FUSD community at welcoming and incorporating members as they work through the challenges posed by addiction, mental health issues and trauma; and;
  • Provide a safe circle where we can tell our stories related to the challenges of addiction, mental health issues and trauma.

For more complete description, read iCubed Information Sheet and iCubed Core Circle Information Sheet.

The MentalWellbeing/iCubed project team has collected resource guides to mental health and substance abuse services.   A sermon in February 2011 focused the Congregation on these themes. The project team sponsors a series of workshops, classes and panels on mental health issues, addictions and trauma.   It has also formed a core circle that meets regularly for sharing and support.  So very much is going on! If you would like to jump on board with the Mental Well-being project or just get on the mailing list for upcoming events, contact us.
Contact: Tammy Carpenter




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